Raunak Sadhwani vs Praggnanandhaa | No Castling Chess Semi Final Game 1

The first tournament ever on No-Castling Chess was organized by ChessBase India and Microsense on 13th of January 2020. No Castling is a variant of chess suggested by 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik where both the players are not allowed to castle. All other rules are the same as in a normal game of chess.

It was a knock out event and in the semi-finals we had GM Raunak Sadhwani facing GM Praggnanandhaa. Watch this high voltage encounter!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Haha what is wrong with Prag's opponent how is he pressing the clock?

  2. No castling chess becomes a more challenging game especially in blitz

  3. Wow I thought Praag will win 😭😭😭🥳

  4. but I was like a fool thinking 15 seconds into the opening haha

  5. which is your favourite ?. Comment here

  6. Sadhwani is such a pathetic sport. Shame on him

  7. One moment I thought he's gonna beat the record of Anand for opening moves

  8. Meh. You can still castle manually and get your king out of the middle of the board lol. Not really that revolutionary.

  9. Prag has the tendency to run in time troubles just like Nihal. Taking so long just for the first move? Expected more from Prag but nevertheless it was a good game.

  10. @chessbaseindia Why don't you show both the chess board and the video of the players, which I think are taken with a great effort by travelling to many countries. This will lead to a better user experience with proper viewing angle of the board while watching these videos and also, you will be having more number of viewers for these videos w.r.t other chess channels as they do the coverage of same games only with the board. It will be great if you have the bigger portion of the screen with the chess board and the smaller portion with the video of the players(at the bottom right or some other corner).

  11. how about just swapping k and q around no more chess openings still same old harmony of chess

  12. prag got a tour de france shirt on, cool

  13. Is it true in India there is no toilets and you have to poop outside?

  14. Which is the best chess app for learning??

  15. watching in 2x, praggu like oscilating up and down

  16. Raunak is doing like he feels jeolousy on praggu

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