Rook Underpromotion Castling !!? + New rule idea !?

Original #chess puzzle based from Josef Klinger vertical castling, and inspired new #chessrule ?


  1. So only when the King and Rook comes close, the King will have options for the special move. Then "Fayed" is the shortest word to be describe it. we can say that the King is fayed when it reaches a rook or a rook comes close, and the king fayes/fays when it does travel across it. Notation could be something like …O-Ka1 when king fayes to a1 square

  2. Two issues with this. 1. People have already thought of this idea before, and FIDE clarified that vertical castling is not allowed. 2. Even if there wasn’t a rule against it, it still shouldn’t be allowed on principle because a promoted pawn is still the same piece, its not a new piece because it has a different ranking. So castling wouldn’t be allowed anyway because that rook had to move up the board when it was a pawn.

  3. But nah, this won't work for every specific angle just because there's a rook in-game. They have to meat the requirement: Not having moved an inch! Remember?

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