SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. I thought the guy i was playing against in online chess was cheating when he did this😂 i was like "wtf how u do dis. U cheater."😂

  2. I played against a family member earlier and they INSISTED en passant isn't real lmao

  3. I swear everytime i castle they said its a illegal i swear i want to fucking punch them

  4. But … why? I know it’s a move. I simply do not understand why it exists.

  5. Thank you for explaining, but I still don't get it 😂😅

  6. I always think of it as the pawn sticking out its leg and tripping over the other pawn

  7. En passant is forced, not by rules of game, but by rules of soul.

  8. first levy video i watched. tookme a while to get this

  9. Chess: put this mechanic into lessons
    Me: not so secret anymore huh?

  10. I was at 460 elo and some dude did this to me and my brain exploded

  11. Remember first time I play chess, my friend move rook to protect king. I look at him with a weird face and ask wtf is this move😂

  12. "Thy shouth take thy En Passent in any time with thy no care (chef kiss or smth)" -Sun Tzu (i guess)

  13. Yes that happens for my brother but in 3 move in play

  14. The sound effects: bing bing, ✔️, bing bing, bonk bonk, ✔️

  15. I almost routinely take en passant, because half the people I play against don't know about it and it messes up their whole structure.

  16. Actually I knew but I didn't know the name

  17. I am mid in playing 4k fnf. Bad at 6-9k fnf says:

    Now these en passant are really forced cuz they win you but most often times, not

  18. i call it on crossiant :)))))))))))))))))))) (lmao)

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