Sigma Magnus Carlsen

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  1. Magnus hangover after drunken titled tuesday.

  2. tbh, this is an amazing tactic before something huge,
    I did this during a test and started looking at it 2 minutes after it started…

  3. Mild disrespect. Medium playfulness. High entertainment.

  4. I think the advice is to move every piece at the beginning of the game.

  5. Cuando sea grande quiero ser como
    el 🥸👈

  6. А как же правило "коснулся — ходи"?

  7. If I was playing against magnus I would uno reverse card him right there

  8. "Confuse your enemy for 20 sec" – Star Tzu

  9. Who's the ref who dares to perfectly set the pieces for Magnus

  10. He hit the black square knight. Didn't he have to play it ?

  11. Bro now i know why my friend keeps adjusting the pieces just do waste my time 💀

  12. To be fair, who tf took care of making the board

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