Special Chess moves in Hindi | EN passant in Hindi | Castling in Hindi

बोले तो एकदम झकास !! –
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chess in Hindi

In this video I will explain you special chess moves En passant and castling.

I have also uploaded a video on my English channel on How to punish Black if he plays early d5 in Sicilian defense. Here is the link

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  1. En passen poore match me kitni bar kr skte h?

  2. Sir agar 5th line par white pond en passant krta hai laken agar white pond koie khattra ho to krsaktha hai
    Please sir battie

  3. Sir.en passant me ham pyade ke alaava dusre peace Ko remove nahi kar sakte kya

  4. En passant krne par pawn capture krna hi parta h kya pawn chod nahi sakte kya

  5. Agr Bo black waale ne 2 pace aage krke rakh Diya aur hamne tb en passant nhi Kiya aur black ne us pawn ki jagah kuch aur chala tb ham en passant use or skate hai ….mera MATLAB B's itna hai agar hum ek turn mein en passant Lena bhool Gaye toh next turn mein ke skate hai kya

  6. Enpassant me sirf pawn pawn ko hi out karsakta he?

  7. En passant kitni bar hota hai ek game me sir help

  8. Castling ke 5th condition main doubt hai

  9. App bole ki agar bishop ka attack hoga ta castle nahi higa agar rock ka attack vhi ho sakta tha kya tabh bhi castle nahi ho sakta….

  10. en pa me las me jab tak hamane pyade ka ittamal kiya nhi to las ko kar sakate hai

  11. राजाराम सिंवर नागौर says:

    Sir thank you🙏 for explain en passant in simple way
    Thank you🙏 very much

  12. Sir if king had move once and its back to original position then we could castle

  13. Sir kya en passant rule se kaval pawn he kat sakte he ya or bhi….

  14. Thank so much sir.. you explain en passent and castling.. very nicely..

  15. Kya hum en passant se kewal pawn ko hi capture kr sakte hai ya fir kisi aur piece ko bhi??

  16. बट सर दो कदम तो pawn चल ही नहीं सकता

  17. Sir,,, castling konse side pe castle krna zada beneficial hota he???

  18. Try 1.5 speed 🙏🙏😂 thanks me later

  19. I was watching this video to show someone that en passant is a legal rule in FIDE… because he wasn't accepting this rules after his pawn was captured by me in this way… and also I've to make him understand about the terms and conditions about castling… because he don't know all the rules by fide as well.. he is a regional player…and I'm trying to teach him the fide rules…. I wish i can show him the pawn promotion also once a day… because he knows the pawn should be promoted as same piece on the file which is the starting file of a particular piece… which means he knows u have to promote your pawn to a bishop if your pawn reched on it's last rank of c or f files…. and his rule number 2 is u can't promote to a piece which is already exists… 😃😃😃😃 but I've show him that all 8 pawns can be promoted to either any piece u want and no matter the same pieces are already exists or not

  20. Bro, pldd tell me agr hamara pawn 5th rank sai agai ho mtlb 6 pai ho ya 7 pai ho tbh hum en-passant kr sktai hai kya?

  21. But king to sirf 1hi block move kar sakta to kya castling ke vakt 2 block bhi move kar sakta

  22. Sir chess champion कैसै बने?

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