Stopping Early Queen Attacks In Chess

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In chess openings, beginners often struggle with early queen moves. This can lead to the Scholars Mate or other traps involving tactics that lead to losing material. In this video, I hope to show the Wayward Queen Attack and other opening garbage that you can defeat and not worry about anymore.

0:00 Intro
8:15 GAME 1 vs. 810
12:56 GAME 2 vs. 767
22:02 GAME 3 vs. 1100

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  1. i am 450 rated and i know how to stop this now

  2. i love how effective the king’s knight is at stopping scholar’s mate. Bishop Opening? Nf3. Wayward Queen? Nf3.

  3. Ok it was cool and all. But. Can you also do it with Hikaru and ask him to bring his queen out early?

  4. I prefer when you teach Chess so I can humiliate people to inflate my ego rather than any other bollocks. Thanks

  5. Definitely probably is perfectly okay. It is the same as probably but it includes that fact that you are sure about the probably.

  6. Bro someone obliterated me with that💀 after a few chess matches and less recklessness I destroyed him and everyone who had ever beat me(at school)

  7. This is actually fun to do in low ELO chess I created an account and got bored cuz elo only gives 9 per win and I don't feel like grinding. If he does this do this Pe4 you go Pe5 then he goes h5 you should go queen e7 to cover the pawn and the checkmate weakness then go full aggressive against the queen meaning your pieces would develop and he/she will be in starting position

  8. I study and learn the openings, mid game, end game, etc. But in 800 area elo none of that seems to matter because they do random wild moves and/or queen rampage and I lose my development pieces and ultimately lose the match. Any game I've won, they played chess, any game I've lost, they played wild and irrational

  9. Just wrecked me but won down 10 points of material.

  10. good vid earned a sub really good

  11. What about when you're just about to stop the early queen attack and then a real queen makes a surprise attack and tries to roundhouse kick you in the face?

  12. Wow, Levy literally looked through my game with somebody

  13. I learned some of that stuff the hard way against Nelson. 😀
    Now i'm ready, Nelson, i'm coming…

  14. awesome video, i learned alot, also a reminder that Jesus Christ loves everyone, died for us, and wants a relationship with us and when we accept Him we will be gifted salvation (eternal life)

  15. ~500 ELO here. Just played a game where I had to defend against the queen all game. 40 move game and my opponent moved their queen 23 times, including 15 of their first 19 moves. 😅
    A terrible game overall, and the analysis says both had 5-6 blunders and 2-3 missed wins, but I managed to get a checkmate in the end regardless, but I also realized how vulnerable I am for early queen attacks, so now I'm here 😂

  16. I'm ~300 super noob and ppl are using that attack

  17. Anyone interested in pics of my chess set? J.Jaques London 1849 Cooke’s.Has not needed any restoration but does have some minor damage. It is an original set. If interested I’ll be checking for a reply.
    Fantastic chess education bye the way, has really helped my game .

  18. I love how Gothak explains extremely obvious stuff. Because it is not obvious to me.

  19. who here searched this video cause one dude memorized this trap and started trashtalking

    just me? ok..

  20. I have made a commitment that ANY time I lose to an early queen attack to watch this video over again.

  21. This is not chess, i mean, no this is chess, this whole thing is chess, but this is not chess.

    Wise words Levy, wise words

  22. 1:22 exactly what happened just now i was down 18 points but well it was a draw

  23. At 24:00, is there a reason to not castle and threaten the queen while developing?

  24. Incredibly clearly articulated strategy for developing and punishing early Queen attacks. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Levy.

  25. What this guy has taught me is that too not sacrifice my pawns

  26. I beat Nelson for the first time after watching the first 3 minutes 😂😂😂

  27. I really like this

    Context: My friend always do this and I can't do anything to stop it

  28. On a winning streak today, really starting to understand italian and ruy lopez positions, then this happened. I was down 33 points of material before I got mated 😂

  29. I learned to play chess with a bunch of guys from my old job. They had all been in prison, where they said they played chess all the time.

    They all played like this, pretty much, except for this one old guy who went for King's Indian positions with both black and white. He showed me exactly what's in this video, how to stop queen attacks. First thing I ever learned in the game, before I knew openings or anything like that.

  30. In the first "opening" if they go g5 bishop h6 stops the attack on the knight for counter play

  31. youtube recommended me this just in time. because today i resigned a game after Martin tried this tactic with me and was winning💀

  32. Thank you so much I always played a friend in school who always brings his Queen early if he is white and completely destroys me every time but now thanks to you I can show him who's boss.

  33. What is your toughest opponent you have faced?

  34. trynna beat nelson and hes doing everything u said lmfao

  35. Thank you ❤! Now i can beat my father.

  36. Bro I’ve literally fell for it against jimmy and made a vid about it and did M14 to him

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