The BEST Chess Opening For Under 1800 ELO

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  1. I have played around 15 games with you as hollween gambit….. Win only 2 times…SED LIFE

  2. The black knight can move from 6H to 4G threatening the kings porn

  3. I'll definitely be adding this to my repertoire . 💪

  4. I'm 1190 and You've convinced me to try it
    Btw what's your actual highest elo?

  5. Bro Can you provide me with any means to contact you?

  6. You are shit man. Your voice is also trash. You just stop making chess videos. Go play against magnus. You talk like a kid . I am irritated right now bloody baffoon

  7. "Yeah he's 2500 but not Magnus" The man has spoken, i shall go to battle with confidence

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