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12:20 Game 2
21:52 Game 3
37:52 Game 4
52:00 Game 5

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  1. I have learnt best openings for white and black. Pon push and everything. my end game still socks..

  2. Last game your opponent was not able to castle on move 21 anyway πŸ˜‚

  3. Around 17 minutes that super dirty game plan was awesome, i enjoyed that so much. You’re such a funny dude, I absolutely love your content 🫢

  4. 1st game at 8:20 when white pawn forks Queen and Knight – could black have played Nb4 attacking white's Queen and the pawn thereby escaping the fork? I realize white's rook could come in with a check which might not bode well for black.

  5. I was flirting with 1500. Now I'm 1122 and I'm getting worse. What's wrong with me???

  6. I have much more to learn judging from my awful scores in rapid games. I can now relate to Bobby Fisher when he claimed to hate chess because of all the memorization needed (not that I'm anywhere a Master level). But I'll probably never take to Random Chess.

  7. It’s because of you that I play this opening. Thank you.

  8. Highest I've scored is 96.1 with Jobava London in a classical (daily) game

  9. I'm feeling really dumb right now, but why can't the black queen take the forking bishop in game 2?

  10. Jomama is good. But I coined it JoLo. Lfg peeps. Make it so!

  11. I just actively started playing like 2 months ago and your videos have made a BIG difference. I climbed from 400 to 800 over the past 2 months and it’s a big thanks to you. Sights set on 1000! MulΘ›umesc!

  12. Desperate for some h5 games by Black Alex. Please???

  13. Alex, what software are you using. What is chessmaster teaching?

  14. Alex any tips for otb classical tournament

  15. Can i play the jobava in otb clasical

  16. Last game he keeps saying if he castles and now he can't castle. He could never castle in the first place since he moved his king earlier in the game.
    I liked it better when he played 10 min rapid so he doesn't have to rush explain the end of every game.

  17. Dude, let me tell you something… I've been watching videos on youtube since 2005… I've never paid a dime for that, but I wasted millions hours of my life… so for the first time, I will join this channel for only 7.99 bucks a month!!

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry, a bluff!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  18. I see you didn't review game 3, maybe not quite 90%? πŸ˜… But, probably the most entertaining attacking game of the set!

  19. I want your Jobava cheessable coure ASAP. Thank you.

  20. Really constructive video πŸ˜…πŸ™

  21. I like your videos. I play the London (and Jobava London) as White, and the Caro-Kann and Dutch as Black. This combination covers me against everything. The Dutch is fun but too tricky. I'd like to have a more reliable strategy against d4 for Black. I think the King's Indian is the most popular choice here. I find it boring but remember how I felt the same about the Caro-Kann until I learned it. Now, it is my favorite opening. Why don't you add something like this (a weapon against d4) to your repertoire?

  22. Mate, chessable course, release, when???

    Your regular London is useful btw.

  23. 45:32 Why not f4? It's what I saw…therefore probably good reason it's not the right move πŸ˜‚

  24. The Boa Constrictor that you showed in the video I think might be good in several lines. But the exact moves that black made allows Bd6 Qf3 instead of Bd6 Nf3. I normally use Qf3 in this exact move order. But it's good to know that Nf3 works too.

  25. Bruv stop saying he's going to castle in Game 5, he'd already moved his king. This stuff happens all the time, even for IMs and I find it so funny.
    Btw I'm not being rude, just trying to point it out.

  26. I climbed to 1100 with the jobava London and the caro Khann❀

  27. I'm going nh5 but I'm 700 blitz so probably anything but nh5 is good.

  28. Saying the Jo Mamma London in chat during your live streams finally paid off. My work here is done…

  29. Hi Alex – It’s because of you that I play this opening. Thank you.

  30. V-hug right back! Thx for great content! You have taught me all about the Jobava and I love playing it!

  31. I really like the new background it fits so naturally 5/5⭐

  32. His videos make me feel very human. My FYP is full of chess streamers, and their styles are so hypersaturated with stimuli that they are seen more as public figures. Alex's videos feels like more intimate and personal since his style, as an online chess public figure, makes me think that getting to know him as a friend would probably not be so different. That's why I like these videos. There's this strange feeling like you're being taught chess by a good friend in their living room.

  33. It’s annoying like something caught between your teeth, if you still have them 🀣🀣🀣 dude that was hilarious

  34. Get that triple pawn position (or just before) a lot, that trap is going to be useful thanks πŸ˜„

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