The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. for each move in game 1 2 seconds are added again, so your theory is bollocks, sorry to say that, so that is for sure NOT one of his fastest wins….;-)

  2. I didn't know Chael was now narrating over chess videos.

  3. This is the most interesting thing that I've ever seen that I can't keep track of

  4. This is a super annoying video format, and it doesn't appeal to your target audience

  5. Bill gates is a Neurenberg betraying criminal. This man deserves nothing more then punishment.

  6. That game Magnus didn't win he was sick so he didn't want to play and offered draw to Vidit Gujrathi which was accepted by Vidit.

  7. Bill gates losing was prolly Steve jobs happiest day

  8. I like how he says it's a mistake but the eval bar says it's equal

  9. Title, fastest win – in thumb, like 6-something seconds, video duraition – short of 7 min. The win could have done about ~60 times in repeat. And moron me contributes to this madness by commenting.

  10. Tbh if i was play against magnus he would probably cheack mate me in 4 moves

  11. You have no idea how to pronounce "FIDE", do you.

  12. Bruh it takes me 1min to figure out which pawn Iโ€™m moving first

  13. "six seconds"is not a minute. AND THE CLOCK HAS INCREMENT, DEAR OH DEAR

  14. CArlsen is so sloppy he knocks his opponent's pieces over, very sportsman-like

  15. bill gates is not the richest man in the world

  16. Hello
    this is a sshool shromebook and my name is martin who lives at 658 s richards drive ๐Ÿ™‚ please do not kidnap me

  17. It's not "Roy Lopez", it's "Ruy Lopez". Also, flipping the board back and forth is extremely annoying.

  18. I would simply beat him ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  19. Man, that AOE2 music playing got me asking what tab didn't I close haha

  20. Why these so called masters grandmasters idiots do the castle ?? Just to be trapped//

  21. magnus carlsen is really good in chess

  22. Stop flipping the board.
    It distorts familiarity with the board, for the slower folks like me.

  23. He's basically pre-moving in an over the board game in the last clip xD

  24. I feel the first 10 moves are ''pre scripted'' tho. As in, they just following a tactic

  25. Why is gujarti on thumbnail broo …. No senes

  26. Bill Gates, the richest man, in the world? Yeah, like two decades ago.

  27. Honestly, I'm not that into chess, I just really like your videos, they're so fun to watch!

  28. Elon musk is the rishest person in the world.

  29. Did you wasted your time to describe a short game between Magnus and Mr. Gate?
    Bad choice. How much did Mr. Gate know about chess? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  30. Thumbnail is a lie tho…he offers a draw against Vidit Gujrathi coz he had an upset stomach that day! It is one of the shortest match of his career and not a win!

  31. In the last game, poor spectators are lower than the table and cant see a thing :/

  32. This proved that bill gates built Microsoft by other developers hard work

  33. Fact Check: Bill gates is far from the richest man in the world now!

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