THE MOVE OF THE YEAR | Magnus Carlsen vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave | Grenke Chess Classic 2024

In this video I show a game between Magnus Carlsen vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from the Grenke Chess Classic 2024.

Photos: Lennart Ootes –


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  1. If you change your name to Robert Rizz you will become famous

  2. ❤ saludos desde España y Portugal del S.G.M fantasma 👻👻👻 y fantástico ELO FIDE Clásico 🏛️ 2628…Soy mas grande que Van Welly…J.Timan…ok😊

  3. even move of the year cant damage or lose MVL😊

  4. Magnus ,in this tournment ,not win yet

  5. Best game, brilliant move by Magnus , thanks IM Robert sir 🎉❤

  6. Magnus isnt known for complications, thats usually where his losses are at

  7. Great video, tx. The Grenke commentary is below your standard.

  8. Magnus is clearly not as sharp as he used to be. A few years ago he would have surely converted this to a win !! Great defence by Mr Sicilian MVL as well 😅

  9. Very good chess Channel. I Will support it

  10. Thank you for this content, especially for your look into alternative moves that would have changed this game's outcome. I'll give credit to both players because together they made this a great game. I remember thinking that Magnus had the opportunity to win this one during the end game, but your analysis has helped me see that his opponent was also doing a lot of careful thinking – it was not just random moves MVL was playing as it seemed to me.

  11. What an absolutely amazing game! Out of this world! And so well presented!

  12. Tough game. Chess is hard. Nf7! – spectacular. I think Nh5! would have been more spectacular still.

  13. Where u said find the move for white . Why didn’t they rook take H6 pawn check ? Then the king has to come onto the G file and then check again by the Rook on the G file then take the Bishop .

  14. Fantastic games between two greats, and excellent analysys!! Thank you Robert!

  15. Move of the Year? Total nonsense. The move of the year was when George Best slipped into Miss World and Miss Universe on the same nite. Never been topped.

  16. I just didn't get that whole section with MVL's passed pawn. To me it looked like it could be easily stopped by white with 3 pieces and a king versus 2 pieces.

  17. Great but just so that you know, the Red exclamation ‼️ Icon in the Thumbnail is for Blunder, The brillian/Great move has the Exclamation within cyan icon.

  18. What a fight ! Great defense by MVL

  19. incredible attacking skills and incredible defensive skills

  20. Ppl really need to stop using the engine to make reviews. To not go over Rxh6+ at 12:35 is almost criminal.

  21. bravo a mvl il est capable du meilleur

  22. Thanks for explaning the idees so well ! you must be a strong player

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