The Rich Life of Magnus Carlsen And How He Spends His Millions

The Rich Life of Magnus Carlsen: Discover how the chess prodigy spends his millions! 🌟 Take a peek inside the luxurious world of the world champion, from his epic battles against Hikaru Nakamura to the secrets of his success. πŸ† Explore top chess channels like GothamChess, ChessBase India, and Chessbrah for game-changing tips and strategies. 🧠 Join us for exclusive interviews, chess training, and insights into Carlsen’s lavish lifestyle. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best – watch now! β™ŸοΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’‘

No, I’m Not Ludwing!

This video Style was inspired by channels like Classical and CHECKMATE.

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  1. The Goal is 10,000 Subscribers before the End of May. Please be sure to subscribe to be an OG Fan of the channel because big plans are coming. Also what video would you want Next?

  2. Carlsen didn't break Karjakin's youngest GM record. Mishra did. Nonetheless great video

  3. Good for him, he is enjoying his millions.

  4. Always thought how support at a young age really decides almost everything

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