The SECRET To Stop Blundering Your Pieces In Chess

In this video I explain a method to stop blundering your pieces in chess. I use it all the time, and I think everyone else should too, especially in the lower ratings. This is episode 2 of my speedrun to 2000 and in this episode I’m rated 500. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. Anna is the chess coach I needed when I was young. You kids are so lucky!

  2. Just played a game against a computer level I usually lose against. What can I say? I played my best game in a long time and won with ease after I managed to capture my opponent's queen (it wasn't defended, heh). I also noticed that I would have done a lot of moves where my pieces would have been undefended and could not have been defended in the next move. I simply did not make those moves but opted for development moves where my pieces were proteced. I'm sure I did a few mistakes here and there still, but finally I start to realise why I do lose so many games.
    Thanks a lot for this video!

  3. Please do not tell this to my opponents 😊

  4. Blundering is different at different levels of play.

  5. Ironically the one lesson I learnt is when to sacrifice your pieces 😂

  6. For a second, I thought she said, "…blender your pieces," and so I thought, "I know even less about chess than I thought." It's been centuries now since the change, but I'm still used to the old "P-QB4" kind of notation, and not the "new" "algebraic" notation.

    I suppose I'm OK at Asian games, like Chinese Checkers. 🙂 I suppose there's software for that, too. I had to raise my eyebrows in surprise at the story of Alpha Go.

  7. Relief for Headaches - Dr. John Stagl says:

    I enjoy learning from you, Anna. Thank you.

  8. Instead of promoting the pawn to a rook at that point, I would move the king anywhere just to waste a move, then the next move is promote the pawn to a queen with check, and mate is the next move.

  9. There are 32 pieces in chess and 32 teeth in mouth.. is this just a coincidence!!??
    (Not really sure on why this crossed my mind😬😜)

  10. you have me stressing so much with time management, but you were never worried, lol

  11. Sometimes on the board your skill does shine,

    Noble in your play, with strength that's fine,

    Navigating squares with mastery,

    You face challenges with bravery.

    Captivating all with grace and art,

    Your talent shines in every part,

    Attracting admirers with your essence,

    A display of excellence in each move,

    Leaving everyone impressed, you prove,

    Intelligence and passion, you're acclaimed,

    Our chess queen, forever esteemed.

    Glorious Anna Cramling, highly esteemed.

  12. No hate, I really love Anna's chess content. She's really a beast.
    But funny enough that the video started as "how not to blunder" , and ended up as "tactics 101" .

  13. But my enemies are watching this, too. 😭😭💔💔

  14. I think "shenanigans" was the word she didn't know but was trying to say

  15. so actually you are telling basic stuff you learn in the chess club just when you start playing chess…

  16. oh! i also usually beat players with a 500 rating… thanks…. this was very instructive…

  17. a very nice walkthrough and very informative

  18. The worse way to play chess is hoping someone blunder. What is this world comming to

  19. I'm a lowly 800ish, but love your passion and enthusiasm for chess!

  20. Thank you Anna, very informative. Well done. 🙂

  21. Good content! At 750, this is what I think I'm lacking. Pieces that are outright undefended or defended by pinned pieces, pieces that are more valuable, or not enough defenders for the opponent's attackers for a given piece/square.

  22. Wow no wonder some of my opponents take along time to reply, they're making a video about my blunders😅

  23. I just started learning chess yesterday and with the help of this video I was able to beat the Stockfish lvl 3 CPU for the first time. That might not be much but for a total beginner like me it was great

  24. I started playing seriously a couple of months ago.
    Of all the videos I've watched this was the most useful.
    The less experience you have the more this applies.
    I hear her say all the time "play solid chess."
    I repeat that saying to constantly remind myself to play like this.
    I know I'm not a great player and never will be.
    Play conservative, solid, boring chess and maybe I'll make it to 800 or 1000.
    I believe knowing ones limitations minimizes pain.

  25. After watching this I tested a game against Antonio the chess bot. Played the four knights. Felt like I played better. I chose the four knights to make sure that everything could be defended within reason. Once I got the queens off the board I controled the centre and dismantled black before converting a dominant end game. Felt like the only time something was ever hanging was when the defender was moved to force black to do something and the hanging piece had squares to move to where they were defended. They were never left hanging whilst under attack. Seems like a better skill to practice. Also made it easier to spot hanging pieces and pawns of the other player.

    Great video.

  26. holy cow, a practical example of a rook promotion on a beginner video!

  27. Opponent: "Why is she taking so long?", "She's only got 15 seconds left, I might win!", "This isn't looking good", "Yeah, she totally cheated!"

  28. …and what better way to show how not to blunder than non other but the blonder herself! Even GM's blunder too, you always have to counterattacks for winning end game.

  29. Thanks for the tips! I won my very next game against a much higher rated player.

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