The Wildest Castling In Chess History

F Alexander Hoffmann vs Alexander Petrov
Warsaw m (1844), Nov-??
Italian Game: Classical Variation. Center Attack (C53)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. c3 Nf6 5. d4 ed4 6. e5 Ne4 7. Bd5 Nf2 8. Kf2 dc3 9. Kg3 cb2 10. Bb2 Ne7 11. Ng5 Nd5 12. Nf7 O-O 13. Nd8 Bf2 14. Kh3 d6 15. e6 Nf4 16. Kg4 Ne6 17. Ne6 Be6 18. Kg5 Rf5 19. Kg4 h5 20. Kh3 Rf3#
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  1. Nice to see that each Era has they own style of playing chess

  2. Love this game! Thanks for presenting it. Black's castle move was awesome!

  3. hi suren
    how do you edit in obs studio?

  4. dammn what a crazy game…..its so exciting game

  5. Watch my video… then u can win any chess game

  6. So many blunders in this game it looked like I was playing myself

  7. i like it that your videos are short..makes me watch many more.. thanks. super efficient. well done…suren

  8. but what about if the black knights captured by white queen what willbe the second move for black piece.

  9. A very beautiful game, on top of very dubious castling

  10. A dubious chess game featuring two opponents with the same first name. XD

  11. OMG how do they come up with these lines.. im always amazed by those games. Pure brilliancy

  12. Dude, I think Your videos are awesome! You're doing an excellent job, keep it up:)

  13. How about some regular non crazy games it might get you more sub's

  14. Your comments about the pawn passing in the white pawn can capture it by pass pawn .

  15. How it was checkmate the Queen will capture rook or the pawn will capture the rook. The game is not over.

  16. i love playing chess and it was a great sacrifice of queen to defeat the opponent. i always watch the game in youtube and i like to see the good openings of playing chess and after that i will play with my own variation

  17. I've been searching for games of Alexander Petrov but it seems this is the same game I always see, where the others?

  18. Is it possible to casle when rook is under attack?

  19. AMAZING! Many thanks for this chess magic!

  20. Dear,
    the black rukh can be killed by white queen….

  21. i think from the photo. is that it was counter traxler attack

  22. Only an idiot will take a king to centre of board keeping all his/her pieces inactive. Black didn't play sensibly. Series of very bad unnecessary moves by black.

  23. They are playing a bit strange, this is not the starting we usually see

  24. This is the man that gave thw name to Petrov's Defense, right?

  25. If King is in check
    The castle can take place between King and Queen??

  26. I looked this game before engine can't Find before Queen sac at very high depth (cloud)

  27. rook f4 would ave also been checkmate, masterfull

  28. Great game thanks! 😀
    It's so cool that we can look back on these old games!

  29. A beautiful game wherein castling comes as stunning surprise followed by beastly attack of minor pieces with unavoidable mate. A rare game in history of chess. Salutations to old masters of chess.

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