Titled Tuesday… except I play like a Cheater!

Intro- 0:00
Game 1- 0:28
Game 2- 9:30
Game 3- 17:53
Game 4- 24:28
Game 5- 32:28
Game 6- 41:46
Game 7- 48:46
Game 8- 57:30
Game 9- 1:04:21
Game 10- 1:14:05
Game 11- 1:21:48

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  1. Worst time management in chess, unwatchable

  2. 1:18:54
    ok, this is actual hacks. his clock clearly hits 0. even my mortal reflex level eyes can see that. he moves and he has 1.0 seconds left.

  3. The first thing I see Aman do is planning his villain arc

  4. we need a speedrun on this opening!!

  5. Are you gonna promote gambling on the kick channel like Hikaru did at some point? I am ready to unsupport these guys if that happens…

  6. 1 Play the opening
    2 Get the worst position possible
    3 Win (Somehow?)

  7. that knight+bishop checkmate with only a few seconds on the clock was absolutely savage.

  8. Aman likes to pretend he's a human and not a chess engine, but we see through his lies. Don't support these guys.

  9. Tell Chessible to add it. lol This is almost as good as the Jerome.

  10. Lol as soon as Bortnyks name cake up:

    ‘And that’s when he knew. He fucked up.’

  11. Speed run on how to move like a cheater, 1,2,3,4, move….

  12. I haven’t played TT in a while. I should get my butt kicked again.

  13. 3 min vs 3 secs, amazing time odds!

  14. wow you are amazing Aman 🤟🤟🤟

  15. Playing the opening against Bortnyk is legendary

  16. I love your channel,its nice.
    Please record scotch oppening speedrun series

  17. I hate how slow you play man. I am just shouting the move for 30 seconds that you end up playing anyway.

  18. the way he crushed that opponent with bishop and knight sheeeesh 😀 40:52

  19. Aman has to hold the record for most wins after a three minute think in a three minute game

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