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  1. @sealcraft4253 If you noticed, he mentioned that he gained a lot of points because his opponent cheated

  2. we need to do a video together bro. it would be the most bizarre and chaotic work of art in the history of chess

  3. Goodness me i missed just missed the stream 😢

  4. Rank Change: 892 -> 885 👇
    A little down today, but I think you might get 900 in the next couple of days!

  5. That queen was FREE 😭😭😭 Maybe tomorrow bro

  6. watching him is so painful. At least learn chess notation so you know what fxe5 means

  7. THATS OUR FRANK! prepare for the pog champs and you will write history

  8. I am 911 rated and i am scared that frank will pass me soon

  9. I will never understand why people trade their bishop for a knight at the start of the game. Such a stupid move. Almost 1000 elo and people still pulling that rookie crap lol
    3 minutes is all the time in the world frank. Game one is gonna be a tough win though

  10. Who resigns an equal material position???? Wtf was that crap

  11. I recently found that my city "Nuagara Falls NY" set up a bunch of big game boards by the falls. We have checkers , connect 4. Cornhole, and chess. I have been going down there and challenging tourists from around the world and it's relaxing, fun , no stress chess. You should look around your city amd find something similar
    The other night am Indian couple was playing and I was watching and I gave his wife a few move suggestions because he was way better than her. He said would you like to take over for her. I said sure but it's mate in 6. He laughed ….. I queened in 4 moves and mated him in 6 moves as promised. Then I congratulated his wife on winning her 1st ever game of chess because she worked her way to that winning position in her 1st game ever lol

  12. You need to chill out and you need to stop clicking the pieces. You makes too many mouse slips from clicking, it's a bad habit.

  13. It’s okay I drawed a 1600 when I was 800

  14. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Frank fan but how does he find terrible moves EVERY SINGLE TURN

  15. Wtf u doing u cant do vienna u could win the first game on the spot just take the pawn he will taje with knight then E4 and u win..

  16. FYI: he has reached 900 off camera, with 2 wins!!! One by time (literally frank was losing) and one by resignation because his opponent's bishop or rook would die

  17. I am in a race with frank we were 600 at the same time 700 at the same time. Now I reached 902 my all time high.

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