Top 10 illegal Moves in Chess From Super Grandmasters

Top Illegal moves from Top Super Grandmasters and world champion

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1.Shortest Game Of Magnus Carlsen :
3.Danill Dubov Beats Hikaru Nakamura In 17 Moves Carlsen Chess Tour 2020 Semi finals :
4.Bobby Fischer Busts the Dragon In Just 10 Moves to Beat Reshevsky :

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  1. For real you start a video with the clip that has the worst audio possible…

  2. Not a chess guy but was interested in the video. For the first case if you point to .25x the video you'll notice that even though his clock switched he never touched the clock.

  3. I like how they were redlining their goddamn baby's first microphones for 45 seconds straight. My ears appreciated that.

  4. First one did not press the clock at all lol

  5. "To confuse enemy you first gotta confuse yourself" fits perfectly

  6. 5:00 Even though she explained it, I still didn't get it. It looks like Magnus moves a piece then moves it back (keeping his fingers on the piece the entire time), and then decides to move another piece instead. I don't understand why it made him lose. Can anyone explain it better?

    Edit: As it turns out, the next clip explains it – if you touch a piece, you have to move it. I was always under the impression that you can touch whatever pieces you'd like but once you let a piece go AFTER a move, it's official. I was mistaken.

  7. Is that an actual rule, you have to move the piece you touch?

    I always thought that was just my older brother making rules up 🤣🤣

  8. Bro not even kidding man if you look closely how Fabiano Caruana promotes but sees that he didn't hit the clock. It was a ghost. Not cap. Look at the footage in slow motion and you will see that Fabiano's hand was far away touching the queens and the clock for some reason hits itself and then goes on to hikaru's time.

  9. Feels more like "Beeing shitheads with zero tolerance"
    When you wanna play the game – and love playing the game – 90% of the mistakes there is just intolerance and bullshittery. Props to Hikaru for not beeing that kind of dick

  10. Maybe illegal moves should be instant loss. Seems like you could make one on purpose, and then study during arbitration.

  11. Why do the commentators sounds like they have the microphone stuck in their intestines ?

  12. First chess video I've ever watched got about half way through. Chess is pathetic, what a game for losers, hell the people playing chess don't even want to play it, they're constantly trying to speed it up or win by technicality. Gaaaaarbage game for sore winners and losers

  13. 2:37 why isn’t the clock counting down for either of them for some seconds?

  14. Каспарова расплакалась, как сучка)

  15. Fabi picked up the black queen, but dropped it, and it hit the clock which stopped it. I think they did the only fair thing in that case. Not sure why they added time though, if they actually did.

  16. 6:34 What was he even thinking here? You obviously can't do that. He even thought about it for a couple seconds first, then did it anyway.

  17. So you touch a piece and move a different one, you loose. You make an illegal move you only give your opponent some extra time? Chess rules suck

  18. Also wenn ihr schon Fremdinhalte klaut, dann macht euch doch wenigstens die Mühe es zu kommentieren. Etwas Eigenleistung kann man ja wohl erwarten.

  19. a lot of big babys, crying for rules if u dont have the abilities do beat them…

  20. 0:35 sorry, I put this on slow motion… I don't see anyone hitting the clock. It suddenly just clicks down. No hand in sight.

  21. That first one was actually really interesting. I wonder if people caught it when they watched it. When he promoted the pawn and went to grab the queen to replace it he actually caught the bottom of the clock and triggered it as if he had pressed it, it's like he pulled up his opponents side with the queen as he grabbed it, not him pressing down on his side. I had to watch it a few times to realize what had happened, but it's why he dropped the queen and fumbled around for it, and why he was so confused when he went to press the clock and it was already pressed.

  22. Fabiano did it unintentionally, he didn't even press it with his hands. Those commentators are seriously dumb. WTF.

  23. In the very first example, at about 0:36, Caruano DID replace the pawn with a queen on the board before he pressed the clock. The commentators said that he didn’t. The only thing he failed to do was to put the pawn down on the table before pressing the clock. Hard to believe that is a violation.

  24. I had to replay every single one of these to see the illegal move. Sometimes, it took me 20+ replays with the video playing at 0.25 speed. Playing competitively over the board seems to require such a higher level of skill.

  25. Isnt magnus is world championship but he play like that always

  26. So hard to beat Magnus they need to use that while he always forgives opponents mistakes. Two losses for him just for touching the pieces

  27. @ 4:55 I thought there was a rule that if you dont fully let go of the piece,then you can just put it back in its original place .as long as you hold it in your fingers continuously without letting it go in a different place?
    Maybe my grandpa made up that rule for me when I was little 😂 so i had a way to correct myself

  28. The best way to get away with illegal moves is to hold a gun under the table.

  29. 4:32 Magnus moved the rook back because he did not drop the rook and so the move R3e2 was not yet made.

  30. Why are some legal moves still considered illegal moves

  31. when did ju wenjun and valentina gunina become super grandmasters?

  32. For the last clip, Magnus made an illegal move because Magnus dropped the king (pay attention to the physical board) (Kd4, magnus dropped piece, he played illegal move of Kc4)

  33. 5:34 If you touch the chess piece you need to move it. That a stupid rule.

  34. I feel like if you move into check, your opponent should be allowed to capture your king and win the game. I know chess purists say "Actually the object of chess is to trap the king and not capture it". I've always personally found that tradition kinda dumb lol

  35. 0:06 Why’s Knight E3 illegal? (I’m a chess noob, so sorry if it’s something obvious)

  36. @ 00:36 secs…who made that pressed?? The heck, it was not carjuana…it was automatically goes down….try to analyze the video..

  37. the second video was strange, he didnt even touch the clock, it switched itself

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