Unusual Chess Rules: Castling (1/3)

First video in a three-part series about the unusual rules of chess. Part 2 covers en passant, and Part 3 covers the threefold repetition and 50-move draw rules.


  1. can we castle after check if both rock and king didnt moved as the chech was covered by some other

  2. hey… what if opponent has left with only 2 pawns and king…..also those 2 pawns are blocked….

  3. Mr.fred i want your whatsapp number for more

  4. Here is a suggestion for you –
    i think you to make a video to defeat your opponent in fifty steps

  5. Castling is the most researchable move in chess. Revolutionary invention in chess.

  6. Excellent topic choice, well divided, and appropriate graphics and vocabulary. Also your speech is easy to hear for american kids! Good length of videos too! Great to see quality professional work!

  7. Obviously you are experienced with teaching kids and beginner groups! REALLY well done!

  8. "Castle Lock" came up on the "Q" board suggesting that in Americcan politics, the Deep State is "locked" into position.

  9. The rule #4 is redundant because it's always illegal to move the king into check!

  10. Is it true that you cannot castle after you've been checked or when the check is gone?

  11. What if blacks blacks light square bishop has an open line of attack on b1. Can white still castle queen?

  12. My dad and I are learning chess, I like your teaching nethods

  13. All my life I thought when in check, you cant move any other piece than the king. Also, the king can't capture/kill.

    Imo this is how it should be, getting a checkmate seems impossible if the king can just eat the capturer..

  14. Not being able to castle out of check never made sense to me. If you have a legitimate move (castle) available and it puts your king in safety (which is part of why we castle in the first place) then why can't I save my king from check using the castle move?

  15. you aware me with fine rules of castling Thanks.

  16. I don’t castling when was that allowed

  17. applying rule no. 5 where the white bishop is preventing black from castling. Does this rule applies for knight or rook also if somehow any one of them occupies a position that targets the space between the king & Rook from Castling ???

  18. I needed a review since I saw a match where a gm castled right after being checked…

  19. Can you castle if you haven't moved the King one bit and you have been checked before?

  20. Thank goodness. I was watching a game without knowing what castling is and I got so confused

  21. Why castling is created? This to me is a way to work around the chess bug.

  22. But in an online correspondences I have castlled through check 🙄
    Is it possible in correspondence?

  23. Can you castle after you have been checked??

  24. Can we castle, if the rook is currently under attack (for example) by bishop but won't be after casteling…. ?

  25. he makes it sound like if you move the king after already moving it you're gonna get arrested and get charged with 3'rd degree murder

  26. I have played chess on different PC games. Some of them had possibility to castle after your king had been in under check, but king or rook have not moved. Check have been defended with other peaces. But is the rule say that castle can't be done after first check of king?

  27. Thanks man.
    Im trying to find some good analog activities to replace my daily down time activities from using social media and I think chess is a good compromise.
    I feel like Ive been conditioned to accept passive entertainment in shallow bite sized bits that ultimately dont amount to much of anything.
    I hope I can use chess to defragment my minds hard drive so to speak.

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