Unusual Chess Rules: Castling (1/3)

First video in a three-part series about the unusual rules of chess. Part 2 covers en passant, and Part 3 covers the threefold repetition and 50-move draw rules.


  1. Thanks sir. One question for white long castling, king and rooks has never moved and king not in check but A1 and B1 are attacked squares. Is white long castle legal since king will not move out of, into, nor through check???

  2. Hi Fred just to check with you how if the white king has check by black bishop after that blocking by white pawn, means the white king can still castling ?tq

  3. can i castle witg apart king and rook? i mean, instead of king, space, space, rook. can it be rook, space, king, space? reply please

  4. if there is a bishop aiming on the rook on a1 can i castle in this situation?

  5. Ok here is something interesting I had today.. I was in a situation whereas I was not castling out of check or through check. So for example at 3:41. Lets say the knight nor Bishop where not on the back row and I wanted to castle to the king side. Note where the black bishop is at. Could that be used as a defensive move to move the Rook from being captured? In my game example my entire pawn structure was decimated and my opponent had both bishops prevented me from castling. But I would not be castling out or through check but the rooks would be passing the plane of the bishops on both queen and king side.

  6. About the end-——> It is actually not good cuz you'll be trapped in the corner

  7. Teaching my nephew Chess and this explained Castling perfectly.The mention of Rook development was insightful and helpful.

  8. can u castle if your pawns on castling side have moved already?

  9. when an apponent give check then we both make many moves so then after i can castle when while earlier check had been give by opponent yes or no ?

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