Unveiling the Power of the Exchange | Sicilian Defense | GM Naroditsky’s Theory Speed Run

00:00 Intro
00:15 First Move
00:20 Game
36:19 Analysis

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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  1. This might be my favourite video yet!! This is 500 elo above my level but I think it could be a good defence for me!

  2. I’ve had similar audio issues when recording at a different frequency than what was set in the project file of my editing software. Also this type of issue is typical for lose connections/bad xlr cable

  3. I’m unprofessionally playing the Sicilian, but I like it and willing to be better.

  4. Nbd6 idea interfering with both Bishop’s control of e7 and Queen’s control of f6 was absolutely stunning!

  5. He was stream sniping. Daniel caught it around 22:00 so stopped saying moves should.

  6. That game made me sad, I wanted the opponent to hold up longer

  7. Danya needs to work on his pronunciation of Scheveningen

  8. hey danya, if you're playing openings you play yourself now at this level, can you play a spanish next instead of the four knights scotch? thank you for the videos!

  9. Props to timo224, almost played what might've been the game of his life

  10. even stockfish can be wrong btw. only because stockfish says 1.3 doesnt mean its really the case. one time 20 moves later the engine changed his mind to the opposit in a then clear position.

  11. Talks 5 minutes about why not to play a6. Plays a6

  12. Danya as always an awesome teacher and I also commend his opponent for playing such a tenacious fighting game!

  13. Danya. Thank u for another instructional video.

    Just by understanding some positional chess ideas you taught and simply playing principled chess, I rose from 1500 to 1700. I know it might not be as huge of an increase as some of your other viewers, but it is still a substantial increase for me personally.


  14. His level of explaining chess concepts is so far ahead of everyone else's. By far my favorite chess educator, thanks Danya for all the content!

  15. I didn't want to say this before to not devalue your work, but I'm gonna say it now since other people mentioned it.
    I watch your videos to sleep and I'm really happy that you no longer thank subs with loud voice.

  16. I’ve had this saved on my watch later list all day until I’ve finally got the time to watch.

  17. the computer lines for this one were wild! amazing stuff. Our opponent put up a good fight, props to them.

  18. As someone who's from scheveningen, thanks for the great video! (btw its not a city)

  19. i love your speedrun videos, but please top taking shots at the QGD, it's literally the main response to 1.d4 😆

  20. 36:43 Wow, props to Daniel for taking the time to look up the proper pronunciation of "Scheveningen"! Or at least as close as us non-Dutch speakers can get. (SKAY-ven-ing-en, rather than she-VEN-in-gen)

  21. The B knight is the MVP. Maneuver Nb8-d7-c5-d7-b8-d7-f6-d7-f8-e6-f4-e2-c3xb1 is brilliant. Also, a very interesting structure with black bishop on a8, black knight on b8 and white bishop on c8.

  22. I really love the videos of Danya…but he got totally outplayed in the opening. A weaker player would have lost this game. Sicilian is not for everyone. I knew that the pawns would become a big problem in this variation . You really have to know your theory very well or your opponent crushes you like a lemon.

  23. 51:45 paused the video. I think the winning move for white is actually c3. either you deflect the bishop off the diagonal allowing knight e7, or else any square on the same diagonal it can be captured

  24. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Danya, do you think Moeha Fujiwara is gei for Kei Shirogane in Kaguya-sama? Moeha wants to marry Kei but also wants to H Miyuki.

  25. Computers are skumbags,,, we need to put a global stop to all A I research…. Terminator

  26. Thanks for the endless knowledge you have given.

  27. Beautiful chess, good job dude. Love this series

  28. Great insight. Thought training. It really helps with the overwhelm and confusion that happens all too often

  29. This new haircut makes you feel so influential and powerful. Like I could just submit to you and your learning yk

  30. Finding Kbd6 in less than a minute made my day. Don't know what to tell you Dannia, your video actually help. Please do keep up the good work.

  31. i love playing the canal attack and now I can't do it anymore with such a great video explaining the defense

  32. 51:48
    I solved it. Puzzle actually helps with those tactics. Have gotten a lot better

  33. Fascinating lines there after Bb4! I was thinking white would want to deflect the bishop off it's diagonal so white could play Ne7, but missed the idea of intercepting the queen to allow the mating attack. Have to remember that problem like idea.

  34. I was wondering why I had only ever heard of the Svennigen variation from here until he mentioned it was a Dutch town. That's definitely not how to pronounce Scheveningen 😂.

  35. So what’s the main objective in the Sicilian

  36. It would be nice to have a video about the Taimanov variation, nice video!

  37. The opponent was underrated af. Found very stubborn defences for a while

  38. That was really great! Some extraordinary tactics, and I learned a lot.

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