Vertical Castling!!! CHESS loophole!

There was a time that vertical castling was allowed by a strict reading of the rules of chess.
See Offbeat interpretations of the rules of chess on Wikipedia.
king and rook need to have not moved yet in the game of chess for castling to be allowed, can you spot the mat in 2?

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Funny chess meme chess puzzle and chess problems, checkmate puzzle.

Eric rosen vs agadmator tournament with hikaru and magnus carlsen.



  1. Dude you do only one move on a queen put the queen in C2

  2. What the fuck is this kind of castling?

    Gotta learn that and suprise my friend

  3. So thats the new update they have been talking about?

  4. 1 Rh2 Kb1
    2Rb2 if Ka1 then Ra3 is mate
    Or if after Rb2 black goes Kc1; then Kf1 to avoid a stalemate.
    Blacks forced to go Kd1, white promotes pawn to queen, again blacks forced back to c1, Qe1 is mate. So not 2 moves, but you do have 2 forced mate lines

  5. xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG says:

    Wait, is this actually a thing?

  6. Is there such thing as vertical castling???

  7. Couldn't you just move the king up 1 and that would be checkmate?

  8. When you know math too well :
    ´wait that’s not mate in 4´

  9. Dude it is not a check mate if you have already staöemated them please learn chess before you make videos about it

  10. Or just go bishop a1, then hes forced to take or move down. Then castle. You can premove it

    Passed the puzzle legit.

    Were's my cookie?

  11. Or you could trade the pon for a queen and go 1 square down to the right

  12. I didn't see the promotion thing but I saw mate in 3, after pawn promotes, black king has only 1 move which is to go to b1 after which white can bring his second rook on the 2nd horizontal file, black king moves to c1 and white can now castle on king side and checkmate

  13. Ok but like couldn’t you still just castle short side and then after the king moves right once you just slide the other rook down one

  14. Wow chess finally have a new update after hundreds of years

  15. What about castling took and king on row 1 and moving took to a1?

  16. Didn’t see the H rook. Thought you messed up

  17. Wouldn't Rh2, Kd1 also be checkmate because it removes all the safe squares for the king?

  18. The problem is, no one knows whether the King has moved or not.

  19. They shouldn't have changed the rule, it had so much outplay potential

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