Vladimir Kramnik with Judit Polgar on No-Castling Chess

The 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik talks to Judit Polgar about the new opportunities he sees to revolutionize classical chess by eliminating the rule of castling. He speaks about his experience during the first-ever match with No-Castling chess that he played this summer in Dortmund against his old rival Vishy Anand. He also explains how he worked with Deep Mind to gather and analyse a mass of data and why he believes this form of chess has a future.
Kramnik also speaks about the projects he has been involved in since he retired from classical tournament chess in 2019. Among them are Chessable courses through which he hopes to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. Information about his debut course for Chessable – Thinking in Chess, A How To Guide – you can find her:

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