VOICE ACTORS PLAY: Chess of Blades w/ Ryan Hoyle

Special guest VA Ryan Hoyle shows Jello “Chess of Blades”, a game about being a dumb gay twink in a castle full of men who want to kiss you.

(Streamed in 2020)


  1. The thumbnail made me think this was a chess hentai game

  2. I’m coming back for this video’s gay fever dream quality. It brings me comfort.

  3. Notes for if jello is deserving of cancellation: he is racist against bird laguz and techies

  4. Prepolycule Jello includes “nothing wrong with polycules” and “my friend Yam”

  5. Jello went to high school with Emma Lee Skye. "Emma, that is a gay man."

  6. I'm Aroace and since Elementary school my mom would joke "I think your male friend has a crush on you." I'd be like "no, they are just my friend." but she wouldn't stop and would be like "you are blushing that confirms you like them back." I was blushing in embarrassment. It evolved into "Do you like boys or girls?" "I don't like either." "I think you secretly like boys." on loop. I'd beg her to please stop. It got so bad in High school, it made me paranoid and I started avoiding my male friends, which is a majority of my friends and took years to get over. I already wasn't doing good back then because my dad's side of the family had literally bullied me for 6 years for refusing to chose between my parents during the divorce. It really made my anxiety and touch sensory issues worse, I couldn't even like sit shoulder to shoulder with most of my friends without feeling a panic attack coming on. I told my mom about how she messed me up by doing that and she was like "I was only playfully teasing you, how could that possibly traumatize you?" All I wanted was an apology for ignoring me clearly expressing that it made me uncomfortable every time but still continuing to do it. After like my 3rd emotional meltdown she has stopped at least for now. The thing is I'm not like opposed to like being in a relationship I just don't like wanna feel like I'm promising someone a type of love I can't give.

  7. Honestly it always hits me at moments like these how much improvement there has been for the community …I mean I still don't really exist in eye of my government and people even the ones you would consider young still be saying shit but I didn't get personally attacked by anyone yet and my little class happened to have most amazing people ever. Even my very christian teacher doesn't deadnames me half the time… Pregress is nice I really don't know where I would have been without it

  8. Hey, DistortionDevil is in this game, I think.

  9. edgeworth's heavy breathing in the background

  10. They all look like legends of the galactic heroes characters

  11. 2:50:47 good news jello, I have started saying the phrase “be nice to me” at least five times a day.

  12. Wish I saw this live. Relating so much to being bad at being straight

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