What is Castling in chess in hindi | ❤️short व long castling kya hota hai 🔥Chess for Beginners

What is Castling in chess in hindi | ❤️short व long castling kya hota hai 🔥
Chess for Beginners

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🏆Ramkrishna jain
🏠From – Kondagaon Chhattisgarh (India)

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इस विडियो में हम सीखेगें कि कम चालों में शतरंज कैसे खेलते हैं । यह chess trick बहुत आनंदमयी है जिसे कोई भी आसानी से सीख सकता है और अपने खेल में सुधार लाकर किसी भी player को हरा सकता है ।।
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In this video we will learn how to play chess in minimum moves.this chess trick is very funny which anyone can learn easily and improve your own game that you can beat any chess player

This is one of the best chess trick and chess tricks explained with a chess game (chess match) with chess tricks in hindi. To know how to play chess (chess kaise khelte hain) you must know chess rules.

There are various chess strategies, tips, tricks, and traps that you can use to punish your opponent.

It’s very common chess openings played by the players from beginners to grand master level.
Here we can use this chess trick to win fast easily.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask them in common on hindi chess trick and games I will be 😊 happy to answer them. Ans also do not forget to share this video with your friends so they can also enjoy this hindi chess trick


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