When Vishy Anand played the Caro Kann against Nepo | Global Chess League

Ian Nepomniachtchi opened the game with 1.e4 and generally Vishy responds back with 1…e5. However, on this occasion, he went for the Caro Kann. The Caro Kann is a sharp opening and even though everything seemed around equal, things started to get very exciting in the endgame. Check out the game along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. At 3:20 when nepo offered a trade of knights why didn't vishy go for Q×a3

  2. Thank for the respectful headline without touching his age 🙏

  3. As Anand is a defensive player playing the Caro-Kann makes perfect sense.

  4. Good idea against the Caro, just play 3 against 2

  5. Amazing to see Vishy has still got it 😍. Can he enter the WCC cycle again? One last dance, perhaps?

  6. Nepo wanted to Crush but Vishy said, "Not today."

  7. I just don't get how rarely vishy is mentioned in the greatest of all time convos.

  8. Nepo is like a Batman with enough prep time.

  9. Vishy for 6th time world championship….. Go vishy go 😮😮😮 it will be so big news

  10. only carlsen can beat vishy in such type of end game….

  11. Nepo was so unhappy with the draw. He was shaking his head with despair

  12. Those starting moves were all natural development. I predicted it was the caro kann and was correct.

  13. What's the importance of not playing h5? back in the day h5 used to be theory

  14. It's medieval, these carton name signs on their table obscuring part of the board's h-file. The cam isn't horizontal, nor is it in the center. And why can't I see clock times? I thought the broadcasting world solved some of these problems ages ago. Love your commentary though :).

  15. This game solidifies Vishy being a legend even more

  16. Hey everyone, what's the time control in these matches?

  17. 8:17 if Niemann will do that headshaking, his probably consulting the beads..

  18. I have seen Vishy beating Karpov with Caro-Can.
    Nothing special than that 😂❤

  19. Theory: If pawns are on both sides in a N end game, "push the pawn majority rule" doesn't work.

  20. "When kasparov retired chess is dead", Hikaru nakamura

  21. This generation is weak😅😅😅😅, I remember vishy vs kasparov, it was a one sided game😮

  22. Loving your commentary! You make the game even more enjoyable to watch and you make many great points along the way! Thanks very much for all your hard work! Vishy Anand is the G.O.A.T.!

  23. Why is everyone always praising Vishy for his form at this age? Chess is a mental challenge, the body doesn't matter, does it?

  24. Nepo seems to have lose some weight, it looks healthier.

  25. how is a former world champion so strong? yeah, how?

  26. i hate when arbiters or whoever is it, enter the game when the players are still discussing !!!!!

  27. Vishy just casually pulling up to a chess league and drawing not once but twice at the age of 53 against the guy who came 2nd in the world chess championship. Absolute GOAT 💯

  28. Why was the end position a draw? (chess newbie here)

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