When Vishy Anand played the Caro Kann against Nepo | Global Chess League

Ian Nepomniachtchi opened the game with 1.e4 and generally Vishy responds back with 1…e5. However, on this occasion, he went for the Caro Kann. The Caro Kann is a sharp opening and even though everything seemed around equal, things started to get very exciting in the endgame. Check out the game along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Nepo best safe and champion level ….😊

  2. Why nepo plays a move and everytime grabs a piece in his hand😂😂

  3. Dich man dipargar shar je houpatgaraya?

  4. Y dis nepo guy always make sad n cute face

  5. Nepo really ha some advantage but then 38.C6 ruined evrything

  6. Very unprincipled play by White. g2-g4-g5 and the Rooks behind the K-side pawns are both obvious and strong. Nepo is a wimp.

  7. At 1:54, Nepo moving his white king to b1 before moving the rook and fortifying the D-line, was a mistake. He lost the tempo.

  8. I love Vishy and I thank chessbase India for this video

  9. Jersey looks beautiful for both of them

  10. Sagar, can you tell them. Its Ganga, not Ganges.

  11. Even in this vish defeated everyone except magnus Carlson, even that was a very tough fight Magnus managed to win

  12. Because he is a five times world champion ??? Maybe

  13. 0:43 why he didn't push the pawn.. it would have traped the bishop 👈👈

  14. Nepo looks like Jubin Nautiyal.😂😂

  15. All chess top player very respect Annand because he is very respect man

  16. This game is similar to the last game of Mikhail Tal against Garry Kasparov

  17. Legend is always a legend 💪😎✨✴️🌟🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤

  18. Playing at top level in this age isn't a cup of tea for everyone hatts off vishy🐐

  19. Why is the tournament performance not reflected in their current fide ratings??

  20. I’m really enjoying the way you comment the games. I can see your love for it. 🎉

  21. Vishy is equivalent to maldini while defending and pele while attacking

  22. I'm russian and I read Ian's mouth and he said: "Why is this pensioner playing so well? He should be participating in the next candidate."

  23. Chess base India please upload every match of yours with sagar's commentry

  24. Legend @53 vs 2 times World Championship runner up … and 2 times World Championship runner up had no option but to Draw the game !! That's says it all about How GREAT VISHY is !!!

  25. the caro is still rock solid at the top level nice to see vishy use it in his age

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