Which is the best side to castle your king: kingside or queenside?

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Castling is a very important move which every chess player should do. However, when we are on the chessboard we usually have the dilemma: to which side of the board should we castle?

Our guest coach IM Asaf Givon shares with you 4 important principles that will help you decide the side of castling, with an illustrative example – a game of the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen.

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  1. I have the same exact chess board and pieces in this videos' thumbnail

  2. Sorry to chime in like this, but (non tactical) chess 'principles' are pretty useless when actually playing a game. Sure general opening principles are solid and necessary but all else is just position dependent and MANY good moves don't follow any principles. I found myself throwing away many of them, as some occur very rarely and in most positions simply put invalid. All of the games shown are not following principles regarding 0-0 or 0-0-0. They are following what is best in that position; a secure king / stronger attack etc.

    Moves don't come from principles but from position. When I play the only time I use principles (apart from the opening) is AFTER spotting the (good) move, then I find principles that validate the move a bit more. But it's not part of decision making, it's just observation and doesn't really add anything. I don't think it's different for anyone else.

    Imo/experience studying principles and trying to use them in the next games makes you weaker and more prone to bad 'good looking' moves. You don't learn chess studying principles, they are too confining.

    Look and play games/positions and you will see what is important without a need to solidify things in principles.

  3. Bonjour,What if 1.0-0-0,if ..c5 with c4 when possible,does it work for black's defense?

  4. in game no. 2 what a tactical blow it is . plzz make some more videos on it

  5. Castling Principles for easy reference:
    1. On the side with an open file for your castle
    2. Delay castling to be flexible
    3. Avoiding the enemy's line of attack
    4. Put your King on the safer side of the board.

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