Windows Vista Chess Titans Castling Bug

Windows Vista Chess Titans Castling Bug


  1. @Threat360 if you watch closely, after he switched the king and the castle, he was able to make a third move (the knight).

  2. hahahah wtf, i think the computer moved a white piece… that knight move… if you watch closely, it wasnt the human player who moved, but the computer!
    not to mention that castle through a check square -_- ahahahha

  3. illegal castling, who moved the knight after the castling move? movie fake?
    or a glitch in the program?
    i vote for glitch. why would anyone spend time making a fake video….

  4. I have Win XP , but i want this game. Is there any website where i can download this game for XP?

  5. "Chess Titans stopped responding……"


  7. @johanneschristine123 also he managed to take the king and still play on

  8. is not bug.. it's called "ïn passing" ( en pasant )

  9. whoa…so many glitches..
    he castling-ed past through possible check
    moved twice in a row,
    pwnt the king

  10. Computer moves black to start, then white, then black's king is taken, then computer moves black pawn, then computer moves white's bishop. hahahaha

  11. i mean Chess Titans is a terrible engine, but I think your program is hacked, or you cheated. I tried to reproduce several times, but wasn't able to. Also, Microsoft could never have programmed such a sh*t!!!
    It is possible to castle through check in Titans (which isn't allowed), but you cannot move twice or even take the king!!!

  12. As of December 2010 Microsoft has not fixed this glitch. :3
    In multiplayer, the glitch will not allow one side to move 2-3 times in a row, however the illegal castling through pawn's check can still be made. In single player, you want to provoke an enemy pawn to reaching the 2nd row so you can castle through check. Sometimes the computer will move its own pieces, sometimes it will instead move yours, and sometimes it will spaz out crazily with error messages until you undo the previous move.

  13. my tip options is not working. any suggestions

  14. wow !!!!! eating enemy king was just amazing 🙂

  15. @FCBsbiggestfan What do you mean 'never have programmed such a sh*t' ? They made Windows Vista didn't they ?

  16. i just could not stop myself from laughing after seeing black continue after his king got eaten

  17. no, vista chess is not a copy of mac os x chess… -.-
    microsoft, you only can copy -.-

  18. @DanielChristy19
    because they invented them and did not take the idea of other companies and "improved" it…
    maybe "only" is a bit hard…
    But you have to admit that vista is a total copy of leopard…

  19. In case nobody noticed the title…It says Castling "BUG" which basically means its a glitch, he's demonstrating the glitch… So everybody who's talking mad shyt, calm down.. (-_-)

  20. first of all, castling is ovbiously when you switch the positions of the king and the castle. It is used in real chess games to basically put the king in the corner of board, making far more safe then being in the side

  21. Finally somebody who knows the rules and actually found a bug. Well done uploader!

  22. lol I had that bug too ! I took a screen shot of when black didnt have no king anymore

  23. This is the only legit bug for Chess Titans I've ever seen. Everything else is some dumbass thinking en passant is a bug.

  24. @ELSAFA71000 That is a move called En Passant, it's a move that is giving the chance for your opponent to capture your pawn. A right given to a player to have a chance to capture a pawn in adjacent files.

  25. @lin2k4

    Wow, your comment combined with the one above yours is fucking perfect.

  26. This isn't a bug, it's called en passa- whoa, wait, an actual bug? Wow. O_o

  27. i would have never come across this bug because i know it is illegal to castle through check and would've never attempted it

  28. That is a legal move. It is called "En Passant".

  29. ive got an odd bug: i have a rook, a bishop and a knight, while the computer has a knight, and theres no pawns on any side… after numerous moves the cpu calls stalemate no matter what i do, even when i check the king with a piece on distance, it calls a stalemate, is there a move limit anybody encountered playing it?

  30. bonjour, comment vous avez telecharger les chess titans , vous pouvez menvoiyer le lien svp emrci.

  31. I've just experienced that on my laptop, lol 😀 hilarious.

  32. This bug is still not fixed. It happend to me today on win7 too.

  33. and also moved white's pieces

  34. 50 moves rule… u play 50 moves without pawn push or any capture its a draw. Its Legit rule

  35. IDK if u trolling or not, but the fifty-move rule in chess states that a player can claim a draw if no capture has been made and no pawn has been moved in the last fifty consecutive moves (fifty moves by each side). The intended purpose of this rule is to prevent a player with no chance of winning from obstinately playing on indefinitely (Hooper & Whyld 1992:134), or seeking to win purely by tiring the opponent out. All of the basic checkmates can be accomplished in well under fifty moves. WIKI

  36. in case anyome does not know its fake because the way the knight move without a colour thing and it would of been the blacks turn

  37. LOL I just tried this, it "works" in windows 7 too. The computer just starts playing your pieces instead of its own after the illegal castle. I couldn't manage to take the enemy king though, instead it just bugged out when I put it in check, spamming invalid move errors.

  38. This does work it's just hard to accomplish

  39. I enjoy chess titans but I can't get it to castle. Can any one give me a few hints?

  40. GUYS stop talking about 50 moves or en passant the bug is that the rook/wall captures the king!

  41. Here's a funny story: it's 2020 (the last comment is from 2014) and I'm here cause this bug happened to me today, but for some reason the game crashed after I made the move to capture the king, so I started searching for this bug and finally found it!

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