Windows Vista Chess Titans Castling Bug

Windows Vista Chess Titans Castling Bug


  1. Beating the king!!! Impossible, but in chess titans…

  2. you can't castle through check. and oh yeah, white gave a check with his rook with his illegal castle. then black proceeded to ignore the check and white killed the king somehow.

  3. I'm slightly suspicious that this video has been doctored since the white knight moves immediately after the castling move (aprox. 01:02)
    Two moves in succession by one player?

  4. Castling is but removing the king from the board is not.
    The king can never be captured, removed from the board and the game continue.

  5. good eye! white makes two moves successively. anyone with vista could just try this out for us to verify 🙂

  6. I just noticed, the white rook removes the black bishop and then the white bishop moves towards the white king. This has to be a joke.

  7. finally a real bug that isnt el passant!
    nice find.

  8. This is a very screwy glitch, but coming from Micro$oft, I'd believe it. White's castle is illegal because it moves the king through D1, which is threatened by black's pawn. The game doesn't acknowledge this and lets the player castle. It then looks like the AI assumes the role of white and moves the player's pieces. After white captures the king, the game finally realizes that there's something very wrong going on. It looks like it crashes as the program offers to send an error report.

  9. "This is a very screwy glitch, but coming from Micro$oft, I'd believe it."

    Oberon Games developed Chess Titans, not Microsoft.

  10. If this is how Vistas' chess program works then it sucks. White castled through check, moved three times in a row, captured the black king and played on even after that…

  11. How come white captured black's king and it was still game on?

  12. thats gay.. castled through check then lets you take the king? WTF

  13. cyndie26 thats why they called it a bug.
    yet, i found another bug while playing. lool
    if anyone want it message me. i have it as 5 images after each other, i didn't have screen capture video recorded. cheers

  14. How come he took your king and it was still game on? Were you playing Losing Chess?

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