Winning the 1st ever No Castling Chess Tournament | Raunak Sadhwani vs Arjun Kalyan

The first ever no castling chess tournament was decided in this game. Raunak already led the mini-match against Arjun Kalyan with a score of 1-0. Check out how the Nagpur lad clinched the title!

Video: ChessBase india

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  1. Sadhwani is always excited, but the problem is that he plays well while he is excited!

  2. This guy seriously has some attitude problems…

  3. I wonder. Does it really change the game drastically ?

    I would be interested in more such variants in which small changes are made on the rules. For example, a variant in which a knight cannot jump over other pieces.

  4. Black rook got struck when it appeared strong b4

  5. why not just switch k and q around no more theory try it

  6. they can't beat me at no checkmate chess.

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