Winter in the Raven’s Wharf | Lego Castle MOC | EPISODE 3

Welcome to episode 3 of building Winter in the Raven’s Wharf

Today you will see the beginning of the construction of the quay and many interesting details! I will also show you a new machine – Medieval Crane

Don’t forget to check out previous episodes:


Medieval Crane Instructions:

The Raven Claw PDF Instructions:
List of parts:


0:00 prolog
0:38 what’s in E3
1:42 instructions and parts
2:42 water baseplate
4:29 construction of the wharf
6:06 medieval crane
7:18 connecting the baseplates
8:04 details
9:16 what’s next
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  1. only just found your channel. Amazing builds and techniques!

  2. That crane is just epic, wow. Awesome build

  3. your videos are really great and your legos beautiful, but if I had to say one point you can be better at is the way you talk, maybe go a little bit faster, even if you don't speak english as good as native speakers just put rythm, it looks like your are not happy of what you are doing

  4. Mortise and tennon joints for connecting base plates. You are brillant. 5:31

  5. The details in your builds are mad sweet dude!

  6. It's only a small portion but your water detail is so good. Really makes the scene feel dynamic

  7. Your MOCs have inspired me so much and you have me wanting to build the medieval ship. Also maybe you could use the egg splatter pieces ( 2:36) as snow on the walls of a building from a snowball fight between two peasant children?

  8. Very cool progress, I think that the crane turned out awesome, can't wait for the next episode

  9. Looking great! Awesome amount of detail!

  10. Cant wait for the next part! Maybach you Wanna do a landscape tutorial video in the future

  11. Nicely done! It must be very satisfying when connecting the modules to each others 😄

  12. 💪🏻💪🏻 jestem ciekawy ile czasu zajmie Ci ten projekt

  13. Great progress mate! It already is big. Can't wait to see the whole thing 😁😁

  14. Crazy good work 👍

    I really love the crane and the whole look of the iced water.

    Waiting for the next episodes!

  15. I built mocs by myself, always medival settings. I saw a lot of medival mocs und a lot of different building techniques. In my opinion you are one of the best moc builders i´ve ever seen! Its a pleasure to watch your videos.

  16. Ok this is incredible, you’ve inspired me to get back into castle

  17. The size of the moc actually help convey the feeling of winter. The bigger the MOC, the more the freezing wind can be felt 🙂

  18. top tier work as usual! I have just made a $800 dollar PaB order for a MOC of my own and am so excited!

  19. Great progress, a lot of cool details and great building techniques 👏

  20. Już w tej chwili wygląda to bardzo fajnie i nie mogę się doczekać pierwszych budynków i oznak życia w tym porcie. Żuraw jest super, pamiętam że kilka miesięcy temu też chciałem go zrobić ale niestety nie wiedziałem jak go dokończyć 😉 Mógłbyś mi powiedzieć jak zrobiłeś to koło do podnoszenia haka bo chyba miałbym dla tego zastosowanie w innej konstrukcji?

  21. Looks amazing! The water and ice technique works wonderfully. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  22. piękny statek i łudź ciekawa konstrukcja żurawia już nie mogę się doczekać kolejnych odcinków

  23. Love the progress, I'm always impressed with how well thought out your builds are! This is looking fantastic 🤌🔥💯

  24. Very nice moc, can’t wait to see the finished product. Maybe you could include an undercover black falcon soldier sneaking through the city?

  25. Aż muszę napisać. Świetne konstrukcje, lepsze niż niejednego projektanta z Lego

  26. Fajnie to wygląda, ale osobiście dałbym ludzikom jakieś rękawiczki na dłonie oraz może jakieś futra

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