xQc dies laughing at Tyler1 “100” Chess Rating

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  1. Crazy how it took Tyler just a little over 6 months to go from Lobotomy-Chess to the highest rating out of any Pogchamps participant

  2. In League Tyler would call this "Wood" elo and insult everybody LuL

  3. Hes not that that bad, he just resigns every fucking match because he plays between queues and even though hes up like +5 he resigns to play league

  4. bro why xqc laughing ist he have like 120 rating

  5. When you get laughed at by the guy who lost in 6 moves, then you know you've hit a new low

  6. Tyler thinking that 100 is the perfect score

  7. You literally start with a higher ELO than that, how tf

  8. That's not his ELO rating, that's Tyler1's Alpha rating out of 100

  9. Hopefully I come back here later and type this aged well 😂

  10. Well if I heard guy that can't spot mate in 1 say he will beat me I would also laught.

  11. Tyler play chess while matchmaking league game. He simply surrender when he inside the game.
    Anybody on tyler1 stream for 30 seconds before match would know this.

  12. Ah yes making fun of Tyler when he's challenger in all 5 roles and xqc is gold at best in 1 role yeah makes sense so let's go on pick on Tyler on a game he hasn't played.

  13. XQC will get f!sted by tylers 9 inch forearm. Tyler played great so far.

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